For VIP Rates Anywhere* in NSW or VIC

Sydney Metro
to Anywhere* in NSW
starting at only $52.60incl.

Melbourne Metro
to Anywhere* in VIC
starting at only $54.60incl.

Your Billable Weight (If your parcel won't fit in a 42cm x 42cm x 42cm box, Please call to verify your billable weight.

Please make sure all items are properly boxed or packaged and each item labelled.
Pickup and Delivery times are during business hours (7am-4pm) on business days only.
For Afterhours, weekends and holiday additional charges may be applicable.

Need It Boxed or Packed
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle Metro Deliveries
Our services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle & Country

Same Day Domestic Carton
(book by 10am delivered by 5pm same day)

Same Day Domestic Pallet
(book by 10am delivered by 5pm same day)

Overnight Express Carton 
(book by noon delivered by 5pm next day)

Overnight Express Pallet
(book by 2pm delivered by 5pm next day)

9am Express, 10am Express, 12am Express


All Rates and Services EXCLUDE any insurance for loss, damage or delay. If you   would like to have insurance, you are responsible for making your own arrangements.

Booking and/or paying for a service provided by Newcastle Freight Logistics or its subcontractors acts as confirmation that you have read, understand and accept our Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer. If you have any questions about a Rate, Service, Terms, Conditions or our Disclaimer, please contact us at 1300-224-977 prior to booking.
If your item is especially fragile, let us know!
Freight and Logistics  Solutions
* Container Unpacks
* Inventory control and deliveries.
* Hourly Hire
* COD Returns
* Cheque pick up and banking services
* Set runs, mailbag pickup
* After hour hire and weekend  services available
* Dangerous goods transport
* Personal effects transport
* Full Customised services to fit your freight requirements.